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Aftab Singh (Founder):

Aftab is based in London, UK but spends several months a year in Chandigarh, India. He is usually available for skype calls towards of the end of the GMT (or IST) workday.


Simple Metrics was founded in December 2013 by Aftab Singh. Initially it was self-funded by Aftab but in mid-2014 it took outside investment.

We have two tools available: Active Users and PRO. Active Users is a lightweight menu bar tool for Mac that makes your real-time analytics data instantly accessible. PRO is a web application that helps E-commerce websites optimize their prices and grow revenues.

What we think about web analytics

We think that Google Analytics is a great data platform and that now it's time to build amazing tools on top of it.

The widespread adoption of Google Analytics and the availability of its API enables companies like Simple Metrics to build tools that can help many website owners at once. This is a significant improvement compared to traditional data systems, where individual tools, customized to each corporation's unique data system, would have to be built one-by-one for each corporation. Now that everybody is using one system, tool-builders like us can build for categories of sites (e.g. all E-commerce sites) rather than individual ones. This magnifies the value created when a given reporting tool is made and enables us to focus on doing simple things very well.

We're one tool-maker in the rapidly growing industry of web analytics. We're excited about what we and our peers will build in the coming years.


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