Maximize your E-commerce revenue

PRO by Simple Metrics is a web analytics tool that helps you optimize your prices.

What PRO does

PRO stands for Price and Revenue Optimizer.

PRO is a web analytics tool that helps you grow your E-commerce revenues.

It displays demand curves, revenue curves and revenue-maximizing prices for your products:

What PRO by Simple Metrics does

Why pricing matters

...improving pricing is often one of the highest-return investments available to a company.

Robert L. Phillips in Price and Revenue Optimization

Selling something invariably involves a price / volume tradeoff:

  • If you want to charge a high price you have to make do with low volume.
  • If you want to sell in high volume you have to make do with a low price.

This dynamic is tricky to manage and companies rarely strike just the right balance. What makes it even more tricky is that the real world is dynamic. As your company grows or conditions change, all the parameters change too. This brings about the odd truth that a company is probably charging sub-optimal prices at any given time. Or, put differently, a company probably has a revenue opportunity through better pricing at any given time.

Pricing matters because it has a direct impact on profits and is hard.

We believe that PRO can help your site systematically improve pricing (and therefore profits) over the short and long-term.

How PRO works

PRO creates reports based on your Google Analytics data.

PRO connects to your Google Analytics data securely using OAuth2 and the Google Analytics API.

All you have to do is sign in, give PRO permission to see your Google Analytics data, start your 7-day free trial and then you will be able to view your price optimization reports.

How PRO by Simple Metrics works

This does mean that you need to have Google Analytics E-commerce tracking set up in order to benefit from PRO. If you don't already have E-commerce tracking set up you can find out more here (and do not hesitate to drop us a line if you need any help).


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